endosQ - expert, individualised care


Our mission

We offer expert, individualised care at endosQ. This means that our specialist staff deliver the best possible care tailored to your unique needs. Because we know that your health is important to you, we make sure that you receive quality treatment at the right time so that you can achieve the best health possible.

Easy and convenient access

When you are cared for by us you will receive your care in a comfortable and safe environment that is designed to meet your needs

Visiting us

In order to make an appointment you will need to be referred by your GP. After this time, you can meet our expert doctors. You may wish to look at our helpful resources before you visit us in order to prepare for your appointment and learn more about your care. We are committed to providing the best care for patients and their families.

After you have been referred to us by your GP, you can come in for a consultation at our Medical Suites located at the Mackay Mater Misericordiae Hospital, or at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital or the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane. You can view our contact details here. [link to Our Clinics page] Your care will be delivered in a comfortable and safe environment designed to meet your needs. This is the case no matter where you see us.

Delivering the best for you

At endosQ we appreciate that medical treatment can sometimes disrupt your routine and present a level of uncertainty. In order to help minimise any inconvenience, our excellent staff will deliver your care in comfortable and safe environments. We use state-of-the art medical equipment and we make sure that you see us without needing to stay overnight in hospital whenever this is possible.

Patient Resources

If you have any questions, please check our Patient FAQ

Patient questionnaire

In order to provide the best care to you we need to know more about your medical history. If you have been asked to complete our patient questionnaire then please click on the "Patient Questionnaire" link below, print out the form and return it to us before your appointment.