Direct Access Referral System

Our endosQ Direct Access Referral System (DARS) allows your patients to be scheduled for routine gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures without prior consultation with the Gastroenterologist. They will be seen by a nurse or one of our doctors trained in the assessment of patients for direct access procedures. If the nurse or doctor has any concerns, they will speak with the Gastroenterologist directly.

Patients must have few or no co-morbidities to access this service and is ideally suited to those who are otherwise well and whose general practitioners are asking very specific questions – e.g. referring a patient for a colonoscopy on the basis of a Positive Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) or for example a surveillance procedure with a history of known colonic polyp.

Please liaise directly with us if you require referral assistance or additional information to help with your referral.

There are three easy ways to send through your Direct Access Referrals

1)    Electronic Fillable PDF

2)    Hard copy / paper referral pad

3)    Online form

Electronic PDF

As well as the DARS, we have created an electronic fillable PDF, which you can fill in and email to us.

Hard copy / paper referral pads

To order our endosQ hardcopy referral pads for your medical practice, please contact us

Online Form

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