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Meet our expert doctorMeet our doctors | Mackay Endoscopys, Dr James Daveson, Dr Sam O’Connor and Dr Hans Seltenreich. They are gastroenterologists and they have completed specialist training in order to best diagnose and treat you.

Before consulting at endosQ, our doctors were very senior doctors at some of the best hospitals in the capital cities of Australia and even internationally.

Our gastroenterologists

When not seeing patients, our dedicated doctors spend time training other gastroenterologists in Australia, they complete research, and they attend international conferences to ensure they are at the cutting-edge of their field. They are involved in training other gastroenterologists at the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland, for example. Plus, they have presented at conferences in Australia, France, Spain and the US.

Due to the high quality of their work, our doctors at endosQ present their research and clinical care at international conferences. Their work features in scientific journals, and because they are at the forefront of clinical care their work has even featured in the media. Some of their work is looking at how to help patients with coeliac disease return to a normal diet, for example.

All of our doctors are committed to providing expert, individualised care for patients and families throughout Queensland.

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