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Where will I see my gastroenterologist?Visiting Mackay Endoscopy

The gastroenterologists at endosQ see patients in both outpatient and inpatient settings. This means you can see your gastroenterologist by coming in for an appointment during the day. This is referred to as an outpatient appointment. Alternatively, you may come in for an overnight stay in hospital. This means you will see them as an inpatient. Some people have an outpatient appointment first and then later they come in for an overnight stay. All of our gastroenterologists are experts that have completed specialist training. This means you will see
an expert doctor whatever type of appointment you have with us.

Visiting endosQ

After you have been referred to us by your GP, you can come in for a consultation.

You may see us in our special rooms at the Mackay Mater Misericordiae Hospital without leaving the Mackay region. Alternatively, you may see us in our clinic in Paddington Medical Rooms in Brisbane.

Mater Hospital Endoscopy

Your care will be delivered to you in a comfortable and safe environment designed to meet your needs. This is the case no matter where you see us.

Seeing us as a hospital patient

Due to individual needs, some patients will need to come and see us and stay overnight in hospital. When this happens, you will most likely see us as a patient admitted to the Mater Misericordiae Hospital. However, if you prefer you can see us in our clinic in Brisbane. If you then go on to have a procedure you might have this done at the St Andrews War Memorial Hospital or The Brisbane Private Hospital. This means you can get the best care no matter where you are as our doctors treat in both Mackay and Brisbane.

Delivering the best for you

At endosQ we appreciate that medical treatment can sometimes disrupt your routine and present a level of uncertainty. In order to help minimise any inconvenience, our excellent staff will deliver your care in comfortable and safe environments. We use state-of-the art medical equipment and we make sure that you see us without needing to stay overnight in hospital when-ever this is possible. This is possible for some endoscopy procedures, for example, but not all.

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