My colonoscopy

Getting ready for your colonoscopy

If you need to have a colonoscopy you will need to arrange your appointment, prepare for your procedure and come and see us.

1. Arranging my appointment

In order to see one of our gastroenterologists you need to be referred by your GP (general practitioner). You can contact us to arrange your appointment once you have been referred. You can contact us either by phone or by email.

When you call us, please have the following information ready as this will help you arrange your appointment quickly:
•      Your health fund details (if applicable)
•      Your Medicare card number
•      Your DVA/Pension/ health care card details (if applicable)
•      Your referral letter to confirm information related to your procedure

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2. Preparing for your appointment

Processing your request

In order to help process your request we will let you know if there will be any cost involved in your procedure. At this point, we will estimate how much this might be.

Finding out more about you

We may also send you some paperwork to learn more about your medical history and any other personal details that may be relevant to your care.

Finding two times to come and see us

When you contact us we may need to arrange two appointment times. First, you may need to come in to speak to one of our staff to help you prepare for your test. Second, we will need to arrange a time for your colonoscopy to be done.

Preparing for my first preparatory appointment

When you come in for your first preparatory appointment you will need to bring some information in with you. We will let you know what you need to bring in with you when we arrange the time of your appointment.

3. Coming in and seeing us

My first preparatory appointment

During your first preparatory appointment you will meet with one of our specialist staff. This is usually one of our expert gastroenterology nurses or a gastroenterologist. During your appointment with them they will ask you a number of questions to help work out whether you should have the test. This will involve asking further questions about your medical history.

During this appointment we will also give you more information about your test. We have prepared this especially for each of our patients. This will involve following very important instructions in relation to your diet. For example, you will need to stop eating and drinking a certain time before your colonoscopy. It is important that you follow these instructions as if you don’t, we may need to cancel your appointment.

The duration of the appointment depends on your needs and what we need to go through with you. For most it is finished in less than half an hour. However, we recommend that you allow for up to one full hour for the appointment.

During your preparatory appointment we will also give you information about what to bring in with you when you attend your colonoscopy. Please remember to bring all of these essentials.

My colonoscopy

After your preparatory appointment with our specialist nurse, you will need to come in for your colonoscopy. This test will be done by your gastroenterologist. The time that you are in hospital for the colonoscopy can be up to three to five hours.

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